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In 2007 BMRB carried out a survey and found that 80% of people would contact a company that has a website first, over and above one that didn't. If this was true ten years ago you can easily guess that nowadays that percentage has dramatically increased. 
If you are running a local business you definitely need a professional website and it must be ranked by Google. Your competitors who have their businesses online are taking advantage...
Are you going to leave them all online searches market?
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Roberto Ciccolella - Web Developer

Affordable Web Design For Local Businesses

Hi, my name is Roberto Ciccolella,

I was born in Southern Italy, Bari. I moved to U.K. in 1997.

I have over fifteen years of experience and learning in web design. I have put all of my knowledge in web technologies to really help small local business to succeed... any kind of business can be benefited greatly by an effective website that is indexed by Google in local searches.

Nowadays many small business owners are looking to establish a web presence, operating in the very competitive web design field has committed us to stand out of the crowd on creating a website package deal really unique that cover all essential needs of a business owner and more, we are confident on telling you that you won't find such a personalised approach at this very affordable pricing elsewhere.

We also know that there are many online website builders that invite you to build your website yourself.
Using these point and click web software can often waste your time and money and this because when you use these online web builders you have to accept the modules available as they are with very limited chances to get exactly the layout you want. You have also to learn how to use the web builder, go through all different settings, etc. etc.

On the contrary we build the site for you following exactly your requirements giving you basic marketing advice to make your home page more effective, saving you weeks of learning and frustrations, we believe that you are supposed to be busy on looking after your business and not learning how to use a web software to build your website.

We offer a personalised approach and listen to your needs, with us you are not left alone. Further we have proves that WordPress that is the content management system that we use for our clients is superior compared to those online web builders on Google ranking and this because Google really love WordPress, the chance to get a good local ranking are higher with us, if you get listed in the first page of Google in local searches you will get enquiries is as simple as that. 

We are not promising you that you will get ranked in the first page of Google overnight but for sure we will do all we can to help your site doing many "behind the scenes jobs" like adding your site to Google Search Console, Google Analytics, etc. If you operate in a niche business with not many competitors the chance to get listed in the first page of Google in few months is quite high, the opposite is true when you have many competitors, in that case the quality of a professional website powered by WordPress can help.

Where most of these online web builders fails is the quality of the support, we had many new clients who were very disappointed by the poor support provided by these companies. With us you are in good hands, support is for us very important because we want to establish with you a long term business relationship, if you are happy you will stay with us for years and you will be very keen to introduce us new clients... it's the typical win win situation :-)

The good news for you?... You won't need to break the bank to afford the cost of a website that you should consider more like an asset of your business than a mere overhead.

Why? Because we have created an affordable web design deal for local businesses that include everything for only £15.00 a month! If you do your math less than 50p a day for a professional website that will tirelessly support your business 24/7.
You should also consider that a website is there not only to bring you enquiries but also to inform your potential customers about you and your products and services, a prospect visiting your site today can become an excellent customer tomorrow.

Scroll down this page to find out more about our website package deal.

We also recommend you to visit: the frequently asked questions and the terms of service page where you will find all details of the offer.

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FREE Website

We build for you a professional looking WordPress website totally free of charge. We only ask you to pay for the service contract. See below all the goodies included in the deal.

See a list of all features you can get for your website

Three to Six pages website, typically home, about, services, gallery, testimonials and contact page
Location Map to show where you are
Basic Online Contact Form that send you notifications any time you have an enquiry
Photo Gallery to display your products or services
Sliders for Photos and/or Videos
Social Networks Integration (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, etc.) we can link them from your website
Social networks sharing icons to drive more traffic to your website
Display of few testimonials
Blog or News page if you like the idea to frequently update your content
Gmail, you will be able to receive all messages sent to your business email address in your Gmail Inbox

See also what you get with our dedicated service contract


We use WordPress since 2007. It is the best content management system ever. You'll love it!

A Bit Of Marketing Advice

You won't get a website and goodbye... We will advise on content to focus related to your business.

Google Analytics Setup

Because you need to know how many people are visiting your website.

Google Webmaster Tools

There is no point to build a website without informing Google about it.

Basic SEO with Yoast SEO plugin

You tell us what keywords you want to rank and provide us a short description of your business and we'll SEO optimise the main page for you.

SSL Security

Your website will get the SSL certificate provided by Let's Encrypt at no charge. Your visitors will know that your site is secure.


We will take care of all the updates of WordPress core  and plugins. 

Hosting & Domain Administration

Your website live 24 hours a day / 7 days a week in our server. We will administer your domain name as well if you ask us to do so.

Security with Wordfence

We install the Worfdfence plugin to protect your website 24 hours a day by cyber criminals attacks.

Daily Backups

We backup your website every day. You will have the chance to restore the site to a previous restore point in case of problems.

Analytics & Ranking Reports

Google Analytics Dashboard – Weekly report sent to your inbox in PDF format.
Keywords Ranking Report – Weekly report sent to your inbox in PDF format


Our personal support…   Many times we have been helpful at no charge to fix simple issues and some time even not related with the website…


We can create a Gmail account with your business name on it like Why Gmail? Because is the best email system and it's FREE.

Affiliate Program

The most generous affiliate program on the net... Introduce us a new client and enjoy a full year of our service contract FREE of charge.

And yes... we have happy clients too :-)

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We are ready to help your business, we are here to establish with you a long term business relationship. If you win we also win...
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